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Our teaching system is based on the achievements of the Soviet school – “education through science” – is recognized worldwide as the “Russian method of teaching.” The phrase “education through science” sounds totally normal. The question arises: “What another way you can get an education – through jumping rope?” This question is obvious for a normal person, but now implanted the American, not the best, learning system. From the American system we refused and returned to the teaching of the principles developed in the Soviet era.
It is based on an in-depth study of basic sciences and professional practical training.
The Academy consists of the following offices and departments:

Translation Bureau,

We provide translation and interpretation in the 50 languages ​​of the world. Translation Bureau BEST -One of the best, the only thing in Ukraine Member of the European Association of Interpreters. Translations BEST transfers made by the Bureau recognized in all European countries.

Courses of foreign languages,

We teach foreign languages ​​in small groups of four.


Cooking accountants developed in the walls of the Academy program. The course includes 14 topics.

Legal Bureau,

Our office is a lawyer, specializing in various areas of law. Lawyers are constantly improving their level of education, which actively participate in scientific conferences, and participants are practical thematic workshops. Competence and professionalism ensure the high quality of our services.

Customer relationships are built on the principles of individual approach, keep confidential all information received from the client, the creative decision of tasks;

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